The Ultimate Guide to Packing Smart

The Ultimate Guide to Packing Smart

So you have finally landed yourself the perfect vacation! And it is time to pack that eager suitcase that is waiting to have all your stuff stocked up, ready to go with you to your paradise destination! Travelling with all your things can sometimes be quite a pain, especially when you have bags by the dozen. You want all your finest dresses, jeans, tees, shirts, shoes, undergarments to go with you, and you definitely cannot miss out on that stunning winter jacket you just blew your money on, especially for this trip! So how does one manage to travel light and yet be sure that nothing gets left out?! Read the text below and watch the video for a great idea on packing right!


Get your winter jacket to lie on a flat surface with the collar down. Place collared shirts above this jacket at a 180 degree angle with the collar up. Similarly stack up t-shirts and sweaters. Next, place your jeans or trousers at a 90 degree angle on top of this pile. This means that if the shirt/t-shirt/jacket pile is vertical, the jeans should be horizontal. Stack up more t-shirts and dresses in a vertical fashion, as done previously. Pile on more pairs of jeans and more tees!
Now wrap your socks and undergarments in a t-shirt. Make this into a bundle and place it right in the centre of the arrangement of the clothes pile.

It is now time to start wrapping! With the first piece of clothing lying underneath the bundle, wrap the arms around and then the body. With jeans, wrap the legs around.

And slowly, as you wrap each item of clothing around, the bundle starts to grow bigger and fatter! Your winter jacket wraps up the bunch of clothes with one final swish of the hand, and your clothes are done! Place this bundle in the main compartment of the suitcase.

Now pack two pairs of shoes, one casual and one dressy, and pack them pair-wise in separate shoe bags. Stack these in the zipper compartment is situated on the top cover. Keep a small pouch with your makeup essentials and pack this too in the zipper compartment.

And wow! You just packed in about 15 items of clothing, socks, underwear, shoes and makeup neatly into just one suitcase! So never bother again about the nuisance of packing and travel like a pro!

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