The DIY Guide to The Prettiest Bridal Headbands

The DIY Guide to The Prettiest Bridal Headbands

It’s that one important day in your life, when you want everything to be perfect; your wedding! Most of us have painstakingly jotted down each new trend, collected tit-bits for years maybe, magazine cuttings, web print-outs and what not, just to look perfect and beautiful on this most significant day. Scouring a gazillion shops for the best trinkets, brides-to-be often spend too much time on the roads, putting together the perfect look. But here’s a little something, which is handmade, pretty and can save loads of your time!

Maybe you can make this for yourself, or pass it on as a gift, the best thing is, that a handmade trinket is often much more valuable, as it is also reminiscent of the love and sentiments. You would remember for years later, who made this gift especially for you, or the time you spent making it with your sisters and friends! So, here’s how to craft your very own head-band, which is elegant and pretty!

You will need:

– a brooch, embellishment, or any other decorative item that you’d like to make as the centerpiece;
– a strong piece of ribbon that does not fray out on being cut;
– scissors;
– glue gun;
– tulle.

Let’s get to work! Directions:

1. Begin by cutting out leaf shaped pieces from the tulle and ribbon.

2. Apply some glue at the back of your decorative piece.

3. Stick the leaf shaped pieces in the way you would like.

4. Again, apply glue at the back.

5. Press a thin long strip of tulle to this, to serve as the head-band.

6. Place the head-piece on your hair and tie the loose ends of the tulle to secure.

Oh my, that surely looks pretty on you! So you see, how easily you can win hearts, with just some DIY magic!

The DIY Guide to The Prettiest Bridal Headbands

Photo courtesy: cremedelacraft.

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