Sustainable And Exclusive Wooden Watches By JORD

Sustainable And Exclusive Wooden Watches By JORD


JORD Watches are one of the most interesting and unique accessories we have seen so far. They are sustainable, simple and efficient, created to assist our modern lifestyles. If you are wondering how did this brand come to life, the answer is simple, from pure passion and a deep appreciation for natural elements.

What is extremely unique about these watches is that the main material used to create each one of them is 100% all natural untreated wood. Gathered from all around the globe, the multiple types of wood used in the manufacturing process are: bamboo, maple, sandalwood, blackwood, cherry, zebrawood, and koa. Other materials used are: stainless steel, Swarovski crystals and synthetic sapphire jewels, which truly make of any JORD watch a modern piece of jewelry with an exotic touch.

Each of the watches are designed to be splash proof and are extremely well crafted. They’re very light and can easily be customized to the size of your wrist, not to mention they are not cold as other metal watches. Either you dress casual, sporty or elegant, your JORD watch can successfully complete any look thanks to its great design and adaptability to many styles.

Another great thing about the watch is that the wristband is not elasticized and that makes it comfortable to wear as doesn’t catch your arm hair. If you wonder how much JORD watches cost we can tell you that they start as low as $129, prices being completely accessible (shop here). We love the mission of the company and their deep appreciation for nature and modern simplicity.

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JORD_Fieldcrest_Series_BlackJORD_Sully_Series_Cherry_&_MapleJORD_Delmar_Series_RedJORD_Delmar_Series_BlueJORD_Delmar_Series_BambooJORD_CrownJORD_94A_Series_Natura_Green_&_MapleSustainable And Exclusive Wooden Watches By JORD

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