Plastic Backs of Earrings – To Remove or Not!

Plastic Backs of Earrings – To Remove or Not!

Your dresser is stocked with the latest fashion earrings; from cute studs to gorgeous chandeliers, you got them all in your little treasure basket sitting pretty amidst all your other dress-up essentials. As you reach out to pick up one of them to grace your earlobe, have you ever spared a thought to whether there is a right or wrong way of wearing them?

Actually, the world is waking up to a debate on just this! Those plastic-lined back pieces of the earrings, the portion that goes behind the earlobe to press the stud in its place, that’s the point of concern in this debate. One half of the world feels that they have just realized that the plastic piece has to be removed before wearing the earring, while the other feels just fine with it!

There has been much hullaballoo over Twitter after 19-year old Chelsea Smith tweeted a picture of herself removing the plastic part from the earring backs, with the quoting that it is now after nineteen whole years of living that she realized that the plastic parts on the earring backs have to be taken off! A storm of replies and retweets have surfaced since then, with varying opinions.

Pros of retaining the plastic backs:
– Some argue that those broad plastic backs provide support to the earring, especially the heavy ones.
– Also, it protects the sensitive earlobes from getting metal allergies.
– For those whose piercings have grown larger with time, these plastic backs hold the earring in place and don’t let them fall through.

Cons: Ummmmm……

So yeah, basically all we are seeing everywhere is how the plastic backs of the earrings are actually advantageous, and simply meant to be left alone! Remove them only if you got loads of time to kill and nothing better to do!


Photo courtesy: Mashable; Racked.

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