How to Refashion Denim Shorts Using Lace – DIY

How to Refashion Denim Shorts Using Lace – DIY

In order to give a fashionable note to a pair of normal denim shorts, you can create a lace insertion, using just some simple items.
You will need:
– lace trim;
– scissors;
– glue gun with fabric glue sticks or needle and thread;

Directions: Establish the zone you want to decorate and place the lace using the side hem as a center, in case you choose the side. Glue the borders of the lace on the shorts area with the hot glue gun. cut the needed piece. You can also use a needle and thread instead of the glue gun. When done, you can cut a small part of denim from behind the lace, letting your skin to be seen. Simple and fast! Enjoy!


Photo courtesy: mrkate.

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